4th JAEA Synchrotron Radiation Research Symposium : X-Ray and High Magnetic Field
March 5-7, 2009, SPring8, Hyogo, Japan

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The aim of the symposium is to discuss the potential of synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy in high magnetic field at SPring-8, ESRF and APS, as well as recent results of JAEA. It is a follow up to the previous workshops at Grenoble(2001), Tallahassee(2005), Grenoble (2006) and Argonne(2008).The program of the symposium includes the following topics:ERecent developments in high magnetic field applications at synchrotrons.EScience with synchrotrons and high magnetic fields, such as correlated electron systems, low-dimensional organic systems, and molecular magnets etc. An extensive communication will be encouraged between the syncrotron x-ray and high magnetic field user communities to create personal connections and prepare the ground for future collaborations. There will be a mixture of talks and poster sessions.Other topics such as theory, neutron scattering  and research on target materials for high magnetic field x-ray experiment are also welcome.

[VENUE and Time]

The symposium will be held at Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center of the SPring-8 (http://www.spring8.or.jp/), in Harima, Hyogo Prefecture. The tentative schedule is from 13:30 on 5th to 12:25 on 7th.

[INVITED SPEAKERS](*to be confirmed)

C. Detlefs (ESRF, France), F. Duc (LNCMP, France), C. Petrovic (BNL, USA)

S. Fujimori (JAEA, Japan), B. D. Gaulin (McMaster University, Canada), C. Nelson (BNL, USA)

T. Inami (JAEA, Japan) , K. Ishii (JAEA, Japan) , Z. Islam (APS, USA)

O. Mathon (ESRF, France) , M. Matsuda (JAEA, Japan) , Y. Matsuda (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Y. Narumi (University of Tokyo), K. Ohwada (JAEA, Japan), P. Frings (LNCMP, France)

I. Robinson (University College London, UK), T. Sakai (JAEA, Japan) , M. Takahashi (JAEA, Japan)

M. von Zimmermann (DESY, Germany)


We are accepting contributed talks and poster presentations on the symposium.(Most contributed papers will be poster presentations.) Please mail your submission to sakai_at_spring8.or.jp, with subject: "JAEA symposium",by using a registration form, which can be download here

The dead line of the presentation submission was Dec. 25 (Thr.), 2008.


The banquet will be held on March 6th at the SPring-8 restaurant. The participant who would like to attend the banquet should pay 3000 Japanese yen at the registration desk.


Most of the participants including the invited foreign guests will be expected to stay two nights (March 5th and 6th) at the SPring8 guest house.

If you are not sure about your booking, please contact to the onranizer. The checkin time of the guet house starts strictly at 16:00. The payment must be made by cash at check out(2000 JPY/nights, no credit card is accpeted).


T. Sakai (JAEA), T. Inami (JAEA), K. Aoki  (JAEA), J. Mizuki(JAEA), H. Nojiri(Tohoku University)


T. Arima   (Tohoku University, Japan), C. Detrefs (ESRF, France), Z. Islam   (APS, USA), K. Kindo   (University of Tokyo, Japan), G. Rikken  (LNCMP, France)


Toru Sakai

Synchrotron Radiation Research Center SPring-8 Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)

E-mail: sakai_at_spring8.or.jp TEL:+81-791-58-2623 FAX:+81-791-58-0311

Web site http://spin100.imr.tohoku.ac.jp/xraysymp/

For practical information about the conference site including transportation http://www.spring8.or.jp/


The symposium is supported by Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, JAEA and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Reserch in Priority Area "High Field Spin Science in 100T" from the MEXT of Japan.


Registration for presentation 15 Dec. 2008

A4 one-page abstract   15 Jan. 2009

Request for guest house 1 Feb. 2009


Those who need VISA, please contact organizer as soon as possible.

[Symposium Poster]

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