The venue of the conference: Sakura Hall is located in Katahira campus of Tohoku University, which is about 1 km from JR Sendai Station. People who arrive at JR Sendai Station by train (Shinkansen Express from Tokyo or local train from Sendai Airport) or ‘Airport Liner (Airport Limousine) ’ can go to the site by 15 minuets walk. Taxi costs about 1100 JPY.
Never go to other campuses, which a
re far outside of down town

Sakura Hall in Katahira campus of Tohoku University is in Japanese


The conference will start at 10:30 AM, 7 December, end at 16:30 PM, 9 December.


From Down town to Tohoku University.

Go along the Ichibancho-Street to South direction and you will be at the North gate.

If you enter the gate and go further to South, you will find the Sakura Hall is about 100 m from the entrance.

If you turn to the right without entering the gate, you will be at IMR.

From Sendai Station to Katahira Campas

Katahira Sakura Hall in Katahira Campas