Invited Speakers and Titles

D. Aoki (CEA-Grenoble, France): Extremely Large Upper Critical Field and the Field-Induced Quantum Critical Point in
Ferromagnetic Superconductors

M. Horvatic (Grenoble, France): High-Field NMR as a Powerful Tool to Study Plateaus, BEC and Other "Exotic" Phases in Quantum Spin Systems.

S. Crooker (Los Alamos, USA): Optical Spectroscopy of Magnetic Semiconductors and Carbon Nanotubes in Pulsed

Magnetic Fields to 89 Tesla.

L. Li (Wuhan, China): Towards the 100 T Non-Destructive Magnetic Fields

S. Miyashita (Tokyo, Japan):
Time-resolve ESR under Adiabatic Changes with Sweeping Fields

J- G. Park (Suwon, Korea): Understanding the Multiferroic Behavior of RMnO
3 and BiFeO3

J. Wosnitza (Dresden, Germany): Research at the New Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Zeitler (Nijmegen, Netherlands): High-Field Electronic Properties of Graphene